Confidentiality Policy

Nightline is a non-directive, non-assumptive and non-judgemental listening and information service, and we do not offer advice. Nightline has no political or religious beliefs, and is not affiliated with any university or student’s union. We are a neutral and impartial service.

Nightline is a confidential service

All information that we recieve is strictly confidential. Nightline volunteers cannot see or trace phone numbers, email addresses, or IP addresses. Nightline does not report crimes and will only break confidentiality in these exceptional circumstances:

  • Contacting a third party at the request of a caller
  • A call or caller is abusive
  • A caller infers knowledge of terrorist activities
  • There is a safeguarding requirement
  • A criminal offence is committed by a caller against Nightline or a Nightline volunteer
  • A nightline volunteer is ordered by police warrant or court summons to give evidence regarding a call

You can read our full Confidentiality Policy for more information

Nightline sometimes collects anonymous data

Nightline is committed to protecting personal data and respecting the rights of the individuals whose personal data is collected and used. We comply with all relevant laws and adopts good practice in handling personal data entrusted to us. Nightline is also clear and transparent about the data we collect and how it is used.

You can read our full Privacy Notice for more information.